Take Action

Action Strategy

Learn all five people’s protections issues and keep a copy of them nearby. Join us every Monday at 1:00 PM in calling the offices of all ten Detroit City Officials listed below to tell them that you support the Drive for 5 People’s Protections Campaign, that you would like that particular official to implement the campaign’s five protection recommendations, and that you will only vote for candidates who take action to promote and implement all five. If possible, fax and email them too. Help this growing campaign create a phone, email, and fax jamming effect that city officials can no longer ignore. If you can’t do 1 PM on any Monday, do it at any time that you can on that Monday.

Additionally, sign-up to make public comment on the Detroit City Council’s Zoom call Meeting every Tuesday starting at 10 AM. Get the Zoom call phone number and meeting ID number off of the city of Detroit’s official web site, and register the day before or the morning of for public comments. We would post these numbers, but the city can and does change them at will. Most people cannot make all of these meetings, especially those who work. Make as many as you can. When you speak for your allotted two-minutes during public comments, express the same type of statement as above. Feel free to tell the City Council why you feel how you feel and elaborate on any of the five focus issues that you feel most strongly about.

Furthermore, greet these listed city officials at appropriate public forums and events that they participate in with questions about, statements of your support for, and physical signs or paraphernalia promoting The Drive for 5 People’s Protections. This is all a part of how we convince them that they can’t ignore, duck, or delay us any longer. Continuing to do so in the face of our growing mass movement will damage their political reputations and reelection campaigns.

Greet new candidates for the offices of Detroit Mayor and City Council in the same way as described above at candidates’ forums and public events that they participate in. Ask them have or will they sign our candidate’s pledge written below. We must make it clear to them that if they want our votes, they must publicly pledge to work to enact all five of our recommended people’s protections once they get in office.

City Officials Complete Contact Information List


Mike Duggan

Council President

Brenda Jones

Council President Pro Tempore

Mary Sheffield

Council Member

Janee Ayers

Council Member

James Tate

Council Member

Roy McCalister Jr.

Council Member

Scott Benson

Council Member

Andre Spivey

Council Member

Raquel Castaneda-Lopez

Council Member

Gabe Leland

Other Ways To Support The Campaign

Tell your friends and family members about the campaign, donate money to the campaign and encourage others you know to do the same, share and update people about the campaign on your social media sites, start a text and/or email chain to your contacts to inform them about the campaign, spread the news about the campaign at any virtual or face-to-face community or church meetings that you attend, copy and pass-out Drive for 5 flyers, and call talk radio and talk about your support for the campaign. If you fully support this campaign, we encourage you to do all of these things in addition to participating in our action strategy.

Donate to the Campaign

If we’re going to grow this campaign right, we have much work to do. That work absolutely has to be funded. The corporations and the elite are not going to fund it. We the people have to fund it. Please make a contribution, however large or small as you see fit. If you like what you see us doing, please come back and make more donations so that we can do even more of it.