About Us

Background Information On The Campaign’s Five Focus Issues

Who Is Involved/How Does One Participate

The Drive for 5 People’s Campaign Chairperson is Richard Clay. Richard is an author, educational consultant, life coach, and longtime Detroit community activist. As this new campaign is being launched for the critical 2021 election year, a wide array of community activists, community leaders, and average citizens are joining it. The various community groups that have already invested months to years of their time diligently working to achieve progress on some of the campaign’s five focus issues can and are now encouraged to coalesce to promote all five issues through this campaign. Any individual or group can participate in the campaign by using our described action strategy to contact and lobby the Detroit city officials listed here. The more active participants we recruit, the more pressure city officials will feel to act on the people’s behalf. Let us all show our commitment to work and fight for our own best interests knowing that when we fight together, we win.

Take the Campaign Pledge

“I strive for implementation of the Drive for 5 and pledge to commit mental, physical, and financial resources towards bringing a permanent full-scale water affordability plan, a ban on facial recognition technology, comprehensive police reform, reimbursement of homeowners for over-taxation, and the reduction of racial health disparities into reality in Detroit.”